Friday, January 28, 2011

MOTD : Day time smokey

Hi girls!

So last week I was relieved by the end of my exams. I naïvely thought that I would eventually get some free peaceful time. Well , no .
I've been back to school this monday, BREAK and this week has been the most awful and tiring week of my life. Assignements all over , presentations, nasty schedule... I'm ex-haus-ted :(

That's why the lack of interesting posts on my blog, posting songs and just pictures LOL, I'm overwhelmed !!

HOWEVER, I did take 5 min this morning to take pictures of my day time smokey.

I wore the fabulous eye dust by The Make Up Store in vampyre 
(if you get the chance to grab some of this make up brand! Don't hesitate!!!)

 This smokey is so easy to do and to wear. The colour is simply brilliant.
It's a light dusty mauve with a hint of glitters. Gorgeous.

As I wanted to go day time and understated smokey , I applied only two coats of mascara and I've enhanced my glance with a white eye brightener by Benefit.

And voila :D

Am I the only that didn't get ANY break after her exams? *betrayal*

Muchos xoxos, Marilou 


  1. Très simple,rapide et superbe résultat! La couleur de tes yeux est très jolie!

  2. Quel beau maquillage :) I love that you used purple instead of black/grey for the smokey eye.

  3. It's so nice :)


  4. You have been awarded! Check out my blog to claim your award :)

  5. The one we bought together in London... souvenirs souvenirs...

  6. I love this look, will definitely pop into the store when I'm in London again, I have some nail polishes from them and have been very impressed xx