Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday poll

Hi lovelies,

I'll try to have a poll every monday as I would love to hear more of your feedbacks and polls tend to reach a wider audience, so feel free to participate :)

Today's poll is : Does dark nail polish look better on short or on long nails?

Opi DS Mystery

China Glaze IX



  1. Looks better on short nails! It looks more sophisticated.

  2. I think all nail polish looks better on longer nails. Not too long but a bit longer! I have very short nails though. That shade is gorgeous by the way!

  3. I voted for both. I prefer to keep my nails incredibly short, regardless of the shade I am wearing. However, I really liked the length of your nails in the second picture; if they were any longer than that, and I'd say to stay away from darks! (That's just my little humble opinion. I am far from a style guru. LOL!)

  4. @Sternchenlove I agree with you on the sophisticated side of the dark nails :) When I see short nails on lauren conrad or nicole richie I also find it soooo pretty and sophisticated.

    @Mariealamode Nail polish does look better on long nails, it makes your hands more ladylike and delicate :) thank you marie!

    @KateGene Thank you for your humble opinion :D I do also like my nails short on a daily basis just because it's way more practical and with long nails I'm always afraid to go jerseylicious LOL

  5. I think it looks great on both, but it depends what look you're going for. Short nails are a little more rock and roll, but long nails ooze elegance. x

  6. Such a gorgeous blog, can't stop reading!

  7. I much prefer darker colours on short nails. I think they look a bit 'witchy' on longer ones. Perhaps I'm just venting though because I can't grow my nails!!