Sunday, January 30, 2011

Monday Poll : Neon nail polish

I know, I know! It's not monday but I'm young.. I live dangerously LOL !

Anyways this is a poll about neon nail polish and I would looooove to know your opinions on that one!
Feel free to click and share then :)

Punchy Pink - Essie

Much ♥, Marilou

Saturday, January 29, 2011

NOTD : Parlez-vous OPI?

My nail polish of the day is once again inspired by LC.
I was looking at some pictures of her and her nailpolish caught my attention.
It's not the first time I see this colour on her so I made some research...


How pretty? I love this kind of colour! It's very chic and outstanding at the same time.

I choose Parlez vous OPI by ..well OPI as a dupe.

It's a creamy dusty mauve with a hint of grey ! 
The application is DREA-MY and I always get so many compliments when wearing it :) 

Of course, as this is a LC inspiration NOTD, it has to be worn on short nails :) 

Have a great weekend everyone ,

Muchos xoxos, Marilou 

Friday, January 28, 2011

MOTD : Day time smokey

Hi girls!

So last week I was relieved by the end of my exams. I naïvely thought that I would eventually get some free peaceful time. Well , no .
I've been back to school this monday, BREAK and this week has been the most awful and tiring week of my life. Assignements all over , presentations, nasty schedule... I'm ex-haus-ted :(

That's why the lack of interesting posts on my blog, posting songs and just pictures LOL, I'm overwhelmed !!

HOWEVER, I did take 5 min this morning to take pictures of my day time smokey.

I wore the fabulous eye dust by The Make Up Store in vampyre 
(if you get the chance to grab some of this make up brand! Don't hesitate!!!)

 This smokey is so easy to do and to wear. The colour is simply brilliant.
It's a light dusty mauve with a hint of glitters. Gorgeous.

As I wanted to go day time and understated smokey , I applied only two coats of mascara and I've enhanced my glance with a white eye brightener by Benefit.

And voila :D

Am I the only that didn't get ANY break after her exams? *betrayal*

Muchos xoxos, Marilou 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

Barrelle London

And it’s a pity and it’s a big damn shame that the story got so sad
Badadadadada bad
Heavy-chested, broken-hearted Bad

Sunday, January 23, 2011

NOTD : Sapphire in the snow

My nail polish of the day is the fabulous Sapphire in the Snow by OPI

Saturday, January 22, 2011

MOTN : Jerseylicious inspiration

Hi girlies!
After an awful past month of revisions and...revisions I really need to give my neurons a break..
and as I have a massive obsession with everything jersey related, after Jersey Shore, The Real Housewives of New Jersey , Jerseylicious is my new tv obsession.
It's a crossroad of The Only Way Is Essex and Jersey Shore.  How delightful.

Big hair, "fancky" (fancy+tacky) clothes and loads of smoky eyes drama.

This is something I always do.

When I watch The Hills, I paint my nails dark red and sidebraid my hair.
When I watch Glee, all I want to do is to start singing in the street and create my own musical life.
When I watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta, I want to wear a wig . LOL
When I watch The Only Way Is Essex , I buy spray tan and practice my british accent.

So obviously, when I watch Jerseylicious  all I want to do is wear tacky clothes loads of make up and go super heavy on the eye. 

RANDOM :   after my visit to Waterstone's in Brussels I found some "british" food goodies and I finally got to taste the oh-so-famous Creme Egg!

This egg chocolate is insanely good! Can't wait to try the MINI EGGS

I hope everyone is doing well.
Much looove, Marilou

Friday, January 21, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rushy morning makeup ♥

Hi girlies,

Tomorrow is finally my last exam. *HAAAALLELUJAH*

I'm so mentally exhausted that I had get myself a brainstorming to figure out what I was going to post about..
So these are the products I'm reaching the most on a rushy morning : 

♥ MAC moisturecover  in NW15 . ESSENTIAL step if I don't want to scare the fairy dust off of my classmates

♥MAC Studio Fix in NW20. My favourite powder/foundation.

♥L'oréal Voluminous . One of my favourite mascara! Review here.
♥ Mac Painterly PaintPot. As I hate bare eyelid this is the perfect base/eyeshadow.

♥Nars  : Orgasm blush/ Laguna bronzer. Two of my favourites Nars products reunite in ONE .
 How practical ! I always carry this Nars duo everywhere with me.

♥MAC - Hué is my nude on the go lipstick. It's moisturizing and has the best subtle nude colour .

I'll be recovering all weekend long from these two horrendous weeks so probably an OOTN coming soon.
I feel like my mind can't even focus on saying something interesting or funny, I'm so out of order.
I'll be back soon LOL

Muchos xoxos, Marilou

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Hi girlies,

I was arranging my make up drawer this morning *procastination is a bitch* and I decided to show you my favourite pink mac lipsticks.

From super wacky pink to nude pink, these are my lippies :

From left to right : Pink Friday, Angel, Lady gaga lipstick , Snob and St Germain 

What are your favourites pink lipsticks?

I wanted to apologize for the lack of writing on my posts lately, I am just overwhelmed with school assignements *SIGH* but weirdly on the other hand I've never post that much than in the past month..

Revisions = procastination = inspiration :)

Have a great sunday !

Marilou,XO ♥

Saturday, January 15, 2011

♥Pink/Purple Smokey ♥

I love smokey eyes but I tend to be easily bored so for a change I went for something pink/purple.

It's very understated and easy to wear :)

 I used to think that pink and purple didn't match my eye colour and make me look sick but I think it's more a matter of finding the right pink/purple colour for your eyes .

Have a good weekend everyone, 

♥Bobbi Brown Make Up Manual♥

My current read , the make up bible by one of my favourite make up artist.


♥My favourite part : Breaking into the business and careers options 

♥Reading the manual made me realize how few Bobbi Brown make up I own.
I want more !

Isn't the career of Bobbi dreamy?
Self made woman, one of the best make up artist of our generation that built her own make up empire. 

She does give some good tips therefore if you are a beginner, you must get this book.

On repeat : Adele - Someone Like You


Friday, January 14, 2011

What I wore #4 OOTN oldies

Hello girlies,

It's 6 AM and I haven't sleep all night in order to study for my exam which is in..two hours!
I was taking a break and daydreaming about my future life in London when I found a bunch of pictures from when I was there almost one year ago *nostalgic*to celebrate one of my good friend 20th birthday.

I tend to contemplate "old" pictures a LOT and see how me and my friends evolve year after year.
How funny we looked only 3 years ago. When I say funny, I think fugly of course.

My hair were very dark back then which I hated because it made me look even more pale than I'm really am.
And, NO , nobody died that day I was in my black from head to toe period of time.
We all have one,right?
However, I do love the dress I wore that night, it was indeed very short but as the dress is not low-cut at all, I didn't feel like a lost skanky tourist.

What do we think ladies? Was it a hit or a miss?

Sad that I have to go find pictures from last year to post about an OOTN though, I can't wait to be DONE with these damn exams (winter too by the way) and get my life back.

Hope everyone is doing well,
Marilou, XO

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

NOTD : Body Language

One of my favourite nude colours ♥

ESSIE - Body Language 

Have a lovely week ♥

Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday poll

Hi lovelies,

I'll try to have a poll every monday as I would love to hear more of your feedbacks and polls tend to reach a wider audience, so feel free to participate :)

Today's poll is : Does dark nail polish look better on short or on long nails?

Opi DS Mystery

China Glaze IX


Sunday, January 9, 2011

♥Mini nailpolish blog sale♥

Hello girls,

Just to let you know I'm having a mini blog sale, as much as I love nailpolish (I own more than 200 varnishes eeek) these are just sitting unused in my nailpolish stash whether it's because I already have others similar colours or because the colour doesn't suit my skin tone...I think it's time they find a new home where they will be loved and used :-)

♥ Postage is include in the price for France-Belgium-Uk-Netherlands. (others contact me at

♥ Paypal to paypal only.

♥ Leave me a comment with your paypal email , what you want and where you live.

♥ These nailpolishes have only been swatched and I never used them, are recent and in perfect shape.

Please check out some swatches online and make sure you like the colour :)

From left to right :
OPI - Tickle My France 6€ - £5,5SOLD
OPI - Barefoot In Barcelona 6€ - £5,50 SOLD

ESSIE - Tart Deco 6€ - £5,50 SOLD
ESSIE - Guilty Pleasures 6€ - £5,50   SOLD
OPI - Atomic Orange 6€ - £5,50 SOLD

NARS - Orgasm 6,50€ - £6  SOLD
OPI - Russian Navy 6€ - £5,50 SOLD

OPI - We'll always have Paris SUEDE 6€ - £5,50 SOLD
CHANEL - Miami Peach 10€ - £10  SOLD

♥CHINA GLAZE Flying Dragon 6€ - £5,50
♥CHINA GLAZE Let's Groove 6€ - £5,50

BOURJOIS N°23 4euros - £4,50  SOLD
♥ESSIE - Chastity 6€ - £5,50

OPI - Lincoln Park After Dark SUEDE 6€ - £5,50 SOLD
♥ OPI - Sahara Sapphire 6€ - £5,50

♥OPI - On Collins Avenue 6€ - £5,50  SOLD
♥ ORLY - Charged up (It's puprle not blue!) 6€ - £5,50

♥CHINA GLAZE - Paper Chasing 6€ - £5,50 PENDING
♥OPI - Banana Bandana 6€ - £5,50 SOLD

♥ ESSIE - Aruba Blue 6€ - £5,50 
OPI - Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees SUEDE 6€ - £5,50 SOLD
OPI - Ginger Bells 6€ - £5,50 SOLD

Marilou XO

NOTD : Lauren Conrad inspiration

I was doing some research about Lauren Conrad new TV SHOW with Mtv about her own fashion line Paper Crowns and I found these pictures. She went dark blonde/ light brunette.
What is up with all the celebrities changing their hair colours?

I like this brunette on LC but blonde suits her best definitely..

I couldn't help but notice her nailpolish. Such a pretty colour.

Grace Green by Models Own is a pretty similar colour, perhaps even the same colour! Not sure though..How lovely is this colour?

It's in between Khaki Vert by Chanel and Sew Psyched by Essie.
So unique! I own no other colours like Grace Green.

* In awe with my own nails at the moment *

Lovely and unique colour , amazing quality and very good coverage. Models own knows best!
I can't believe I only have 4 models own nailpolishes, they have sooo many amazing colours.
I'm looking forward to getting Pink Fizz and Nuge Beige :)

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend ,
Much ♡, Marilou

Friday, January 7, 2011

An Education♥

Major movie crush alert :-)

Bonne journée! xoxo, Marilou