Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NOTD : Jade is the new black

My nail polish of the day is one of the prettiest green I've ever seen.
This colour is sophisticated yet unique, which are two of my favourites qualities in a polish.

I had to rewrite this post as it was one of my first post and the swatch was so newbie like.

Me, reading my former crappy cuticle-full posts : 
*shame*"..This is bad... wow...What was I thinking ???? "*shame*

Don't you ever had that massive feeling of shame/crappiness when reading your former posts ?

 This lovely varnish was deserving a better post, so here it is :) 
What do we think over this colour ladies ? Hit or miss ?



  1. Aaah je le veux!! (j'avais jamais vu ce post je repond un an apres hihi)

  2. Haha!! C'est vrai que c'est ton genre de couleur

  3. I feel like deleting some of my old posts on my blog too, it was a few years back when I hadn't quite found my edge yet, and they are so poorly written, bad pictures etc.

    I love jade is the new's a favourite green of mine for sure! :)

  4. Poorly written, that's the word I was looking for haha. I think we all went there but at least that means we evolded :)

  5. Love the color! I am still a newbie at blogging and I hope that I improve as time goes by! I'm sure I will look back and think the same of older posts!

  6. ça me fait penser que je l'ai acheté aux dernières soldes mais toujours pas eu le temps de l'essayer grrr ça ne saurait tarder :p

  7. Lovely shade, reminds me of my jade bracelet!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  8. @Whitney Haha, you will for sure but it's a sign it means better posts to come :)

    @Julie QUOI mais enfin. C'est quoi ces soldes de vernis? Il est magnifique tu vas l'adorer :-)

    @Marie Jade is such a pretty colour ! Glad to see you back marie x