Sunday, January 11, 2015

Look who's back? A few favorites!

Hi girls! I really hope you had a wonderful happy new year celebration and wish you all the best for 2015. I'm slacking big time in the blog department, I have been working long hours and I'm feeling very sleep deprived. Also the fact that there is not a lot of natural light - understand when it's dark at 3 pm -  when I'm home doesn't help to take pictures. I just want to cuddle in bed with my hot bottle of water and watch Real Housewives on repeat. 

Here's a few of my favorite products from my current routine. These are the products I have been using non stop on a daily basis. Some of them are new, some of them are products I have been using for years now! On the list you can find : 

Face → 
Bourjois Happy Light: best dewy foundation ever. 
Essence concealer: amazing and super cheap
Bourjois Délice de Poudre Duo Highlight: My current favorite bronzer. I love the soft shimmer.
Illamasqua Aurora highlighter: A gorgeous cream highlighter. Pretty new but love it so far.
The Balm Hot Mama blusher: My favorite blusher at the moment. Reminds me of Nars - Orgasm.

Eyes → 
Mac Paintpot Painterly: the one and only base. I have been using this since forever.
Lorac Pro Palette : the most gorgeous and perfect palette. Sleek packaging, pigmentation through the roof and best every day colors.

Lips →
Bourjois Color Boost - Proudly Naked: A perfect every day nude.
Catrice - In a Rosegarden: Great nude with a little bit more of pink undertones.

Perfume →
Liu Gio: I have received this before Christmas and it's almost finished. I just love the scent! 

What has been your favorite product lately?
Have a lovely sunday!


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Wish list ⎜winter essentials

winter essentials

Hi girls! Here my wish list for my winter essentials from SheInside. I'm in a mood to wear a lot of grey, winter dresser and striped sweater. How cute is this white collar trend? I love it! Also, nothing can beat a cosy maxi cardigan on cold days. The two dresses are super pretty, I love the one with the faux sweater on top of it! I do find it a little bit hard to wear dresses during winter time as pretty much all of my dresses are very summer-y so these two picks will be a great addition in my closet!

Which item if your favorite?

1. Grey maxi cardigan (here) // 2. Grey loose knit cardigan (here)
 3. White sleeve striped sweater (here) // 4. Floral dress (here) // 5. Collar dress (here)


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Lorac Pro Palette

Hi girls! I hope you're all doing good, probably getting ready for the last days of 2014 and making your resolutions list for next year? right? Haha. I'm not planning on any resolutions, just get my driving license and work hard to be where I want to be in life! CHEESY! Haha
Today was the first snow in Belgium, I was so pretty and clean. The roads weren't that bad so I went for an hour drive to practice my driving skills and it was so cool. I feel much more relaxed - but still very alerted - and really enjoyed the drive! 

Seeing all the Instagram post I can see that many people have been rotten spoiled for Christmas. The amount of presents under the trees were just insane! I got spoiled too by Santa with this beautiful Lorac Pro Palette. It's the most perfect nude, day to day, eyeshadow palette. I got a little bored with my Naked palettes so I'm thankful that Santa read my wish list haha! 

I love how pigmented the colors are, the warm shades, the matte and the shimmers separation, the sleek packaging...everything is on point! I know that this palette isn't hot news but I think it's amazing!!! Thank you Santa!


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Instalife #32

Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful time last night celebrating, eating amazing food and watching your favorite Christmas movies. I was so tired from working 24/7 so the night was quite short and relaxing. Watching Love Actually all over again in my pj's and eating some delicious food! I got spoiled by Santa too but the present so far I got this year is my provisional driving license! 

Today I'll rest, eat plenty more of delicious food and try to take pictures for the blog :) 

Enjoy this day!

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Hello December! ☃

Hi girls! I'm going to be really annoying and cliché so here's my advent calendar for December! 
I know people will probably get sick of seeing these everywhere on Instagram during 24 days throughout the month but I couldn't resist.
This year I chose a Kinder calendar because there's nothing like waking up to a mini Kinder Bueno, right? 


Sunday, November 30, 2014

Wish list ⎜ Christmas

Christmas wish list

Hi girls! Happy sunday. I'm really tired from a long week of working and learning how to drive. I'm already mid way through my driving  cursus so by the 11th of December I should be able to drive by myself and this is a rather scary thought haha!

Here's my Christmas wish list. I had to add a little bit of Chanel, a little bit of makeup and a little bit of tech. I don't have any particular need this year except maybe a new phone as mine is getting quite slow. Also, I know that the Lorac Pro palette is not new but I never purchased it back it the days and I suddenly feel the need to have it as I'm getting a little tired of my Naked palettes!

I'm off to practice my driving skills and then I'll be cooking all afternoon long. This how I roll on sundays! Have a nice day :)


Monday, November 24, 2014

Bourjois ⎟Get your fluttery lashes on!

Hi girls! Happy monday. I'm so excited about this week ahead of me, I have three driving lessons planned and I couldn't be more thrilled. Who knew learning how to drive was so exciting? I always was a bit reticent about passing my driving license but now I'm just like 'I'm ready for highways just hand me the key hunny' *snaps fingers* haha! 

Onto my new favorite mascara now. I was sent a lot of new goodies from Bourjois to try out and one of these goodies is their new 1 Seconde Volume Mascara Ultra Black. Bourjois has been scoring in the mascara department lately and this one is no exception! It gives the most amazing fluttery and voluminous lashes ever. I'm obsessed! The black is super intense and it gives such a nice result. I also have tried their new Mega Liner - picture n° 2 - and it's the perfect liner for a thick result. It's really easy to apply although it's really thick. It doesn't smudge on my lids and stays put all day! Score!

Have you tried their new mascara?


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wish list ⎜3 winter outfits

3 outfits for winter

Hi girls! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I can't even believe that Christmas is around the corner. I have already started wrapping presents now I just need to put my little Christmas tree. I hope that my boyfriend is getting all the hints for some present ideas I have been talking over and over and over again, haha!

Here's a little wish list with three outfits perfect for winter.

1. The every day cute and basic with a cream turtle neck and a leather skirt. It's the kind of outfit I love wearing on cold, sunny days. My obsession with turtle/polo necks seems to grow every day. How come I was so reticent of wearing them in the past? They're so comfy and keep you warm without having to carry a scarf everywhere with you.
Turtle neck: (here) // leather skirt: (here)

2. The Christmas party outfit. Yes!!! My favorite kind of outfit. Bring on the glitz and the glam. My outfit of choice for a Christmas party would be this gorgeous floral Zara dress paired with those metallic heels. Also, I would add an over the top earmuff, I find them so edgy and fun!
Floral dress: (here) // ear cuff: (here) // heels: (here)

3. The white coat. This is my favorite style for this winter, I have ordered mine last week and I think it might arrive tomorrow. I'm super excited, I have been looking for the perfect white coat for so long now. It looks so cute and winter-y. You could also wear it with leather pants to spice things up a little bit.  White coat: (here) // boots: (here) // bag: (here)

What's your favorite winter outfit?


Monday, November 17, 2014

My favourite TV shows

Hi girls! Happy monday. Here's to the beginning of another week, getting closer to winter and Christmas! As you may know, I'm a huge fan of tv shows. I usually prefer the reality tv kind where you see real people acting in real life although I know it gets a little scripted sometimes. I'm addicted! You name it, I've watched it! Of course I do not claim these shows are educating or smart, they're just fun to watch when you get a day off and just want to lay down your bed by yourself and eat M&M's all day.

The Real Housewives: I have watched every single one episodes of each different franchise - New Jersey, Beverly Hills, Orange County, Melbourne, New York, Vancouver, Atlanta, Miami, DC... I'm a huge fan of this show. I started watching it back in the days with the original series - Orange County- and I'm immediately became hooked like a kid with sugar. This is right up my alley, american vibe with drama, love and punch lines. I can't even pick a favorite, I love every franchise except maybe Miami. I also have watch some of the seasons more than once. It keeps on getting better and better just like wine. Right now, the season 7 of Atlanta has started and it's so juicy, I love it. Beverly Hills is starting this week too. I couldn't be happier, haha! 

Dance Moms: A show about a dance teacher and her students competing all over the US. It's filled with dance competitions and drama between the moms. It's a bit trashy but it's so good.

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills: It's about a bunch of rich kids from Beverly Hills living large and fighting about petty things.
To watch with a lot second degree humour of course.

Mob Wives: A little bit more hood, a little bit more violent. It's about mob wives living in Staten Island. It's more tense as it involves prison, sentencing etc.

The Hills: An iconic show. You all know what is it all about.

Gallery Girls: It was released last year and only run for a season but it was so good I'm so sad it was cancelled. It's about artsy girls living in New York and being their quirky-artsy self. Of course there is drama too! I really enjoy watching these girls living in New York, I think this is why I love these shows so much.

Princesses Long Island: It's about six jewish girls living in Long Island and getting pressured to get married, find love, make kids etc. It was cancelled too but I really enjoyed watching them!

I also watch other TV shows when I'm with my boyfriend like : American Horror Story Coven/Freak Show, True Detective (so good, you must watch it!), House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black, Dexter, Six Feet Under... 

What are your favorite TV shows?


Sunday, November 16, 2014

What I wore #42 ⎜The black & white coat

Hi girls! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Today I braved the rain and got some pictures of my outfit. It was so grey and rainy all day. In the morning I had a private driving lesson with my boyfriend, it was so exhausting! I can't wait to start my official driving lessons next week and finally drive! I have no idea why I have waited so long to take the plunge and learning how to drive. Living in a big city and being a student I never really needed it but now that I'm working and growing up I suddenly felt the need to do it, haha! In the afternoon I run a few errands in high heels and now all I want to do is snuggle in my pj's and cook my favorite 'diety' dish at the moment: spicy chicken with rice and brussels sprouts. Yum! 

Today I wore my new favorite coat from SheInside. They sent it to me a few weeks ago and it's absolutely perfect for the actual weather. It's more on the 'light' side  but still feels warms enough for the season. I love the black and white pattern, it's so simple and chic. Black, white, grey and beige is all I seem to wear all year round haha.  I had to chose the size XL for the coat - that seems crazy because I usually wear M (or L in the brand sizes small) - but SheInside sizes extra extra small so make sure you order one or two size up especially for the coats! I also wore my favorite cross body bag, it's all I wear lately! It's the perfect size and shape. 

Coat: SheInside (here) // Bag: Nelly // Jeans: Zara // Heels: Nelly

Lots of love,