vendredi 29 août 2014

What I wore #38 ⎢ Brick wall

Hi girls! Here's one of my favorite if I'm going out for drinks or to the restaurant. I'm obsessed with silky shirt and this one in particular because of the stripes of course! It's the kind of outfit you can also wear during the day minus the heels, I love to wear this same outfit with my leopard espadrilles. My loose black pants are from H&M and they're so comfy. I love the loose fit too it adds such a great laid-back touch to my outfit. It has faux leather details too which is super cool! I'm not gonna lie, these heels are beyond gorgeous but they hurt like hell. 

That being said, tonight is far from a glamorous night out sipping on cocktails. 
I'm in my PJ's starting season 8 of Dexter! I think I'll finish it by sunday...
my binge watching mode is ON haha!

Shirt: Zara (here) // Pants: H&M (here) // Heels: Zara // Bag: Zara 

Have a lovely weekend! 


jeudi 28 août 2014

How to get pearly whites

Hi girls. Yesterday I felt super exhausted and dizzy after my appointment at the D.O. Who knew that someone manipulating your neck back and forth for half a neck with some weird moves could cause you such dizziness. I hope it will works and that I'll feel better by the end of the week, I'm so over being under drugs. Last night I tried to watch Dexter to I kept on falling asleep thanks to the super strong pain killers, haha! My life is so glamorous, I know! 

I wanted to talk to you about having pearly whites teeth. There is nothing sexier and more appealing than a white smile - at least in my opinion - especially when you're a girl as there is nothing worse than yellow teeth and lipstick, right? I don't have perfect teeth - some of them are crooked - I drink lots of coffee and I love to wear bright lipstick so I have to give my smile that extra 'white' oomph once in a while. I have tried many teeth bleachers in the past and they worked quite well but they were so uncomfortable to wear for half an hour each day.

This year I wanted to try the Crest white strips as I have heard so many great things about them. I have bought mine on (here) for about 50€ (cost of the product + shipping) which is quite a great deal as you get 20 treatments. I went for the regular pack but they are other kind of Crest white strips available, it depends the results you want. Personally I just wanted to 'refresh' my smile without going hollywood white. It still wanted my smile to look natural if you see what I mean  - Cher Lloyd..*hint hint*. I can't stop drinking coffee or eating blueberry jam so white strip is the only way for me! 

What you need to know about these Crest strips, if you have sensitive teeth they will hurt like a b*tch. I don't have super sensitive teeth and I did feel quite some pain after the two first treatments. I had to stop doing it on my bottom teeth as it was too painful. But it works. After 4 treatments I could already see a huge improvement and my teeth were getting back to being brighter again. I personally wouldn't use these everyday, twice a day for half an hour, it would be too harsh for my teeth and gums. I use the strips once/twice a week for a good 30 min or before a night out when I know I'll be wearing lipstick. You can try the gentle routine for sensitive skin if you're too afraid of feeling the pain of beauty - here.

What I love love love about these Crest white strips is that they work really well, a little goes a long way you can keep your stripes all year long to refresh your smile. The strips are a major plus, they're super easy to use and so thin you almost forget you have them on and you don't look like a creep. You can still look cute while having the treatment in full effect. That's a winner!

Make sure you consult your dentist before using them though, if you have a cavity or too sensitive teeth you'll be in for a horrible teeth whitening experience. 

Hope this helps and have a lovely day!


mercredi 27 août 2014

Wish list ⎜It's all about boots

I don't know about you with I'm so done with August. D.o.n.e. I'm counting down the days until September and secretly hope we will have a gorgeous indian summer.That's all I dream about at this point. September is also my birthday month, I'm so excited. I took a week off from work obviously to celebrate. Who wants to spend its birthday at work? No way josé, I already have made some cool plans. I'll be turning 26 which is in-sane. I can not believe it, it's scary how time flies!

Now onto my main subject : boots boots boots! That's all I think about. I may have an obsession with looking for the perfect pair of new boots for fall/winter. There are so many style of boots out there : cut out, monk, chelsea, pointed, track sole... Here's a little boots wish list and I'm afraid it's only the beginning as the stores are only starting to show their new collections. The good news is that they're all pretty affordable too!

Have you already started shopping for fall? What is your favorite kind of of boots?

1. Zara track sole boots (here) // 2. Nelly heeled monk booties (here)
 3. Asos chelsea boots (here) // 4. Nelly cut out boots (here
 5. Nelly bloc heel croc boots (here)


Blonde & red lips

Hi girls! Another - rainy - day, another headache! I have an appointment today with a DO to get my neck and head in check. I'm little bit afraid as it really hurts and I don't want anybody touching I guess I have to go through this pain to feel better afterwards...ugh!

Anyway, enough with the personal complaining : here's a quick post on blonde and red lips. Most of my life I have dreamt about being blonde, don't ask me why. I just love when blondes wear all black outfits or the way red lips look very 'Hitchcok-ey' on them. When I first got blonde, it felt so weird putting on bright lipstick. My favorite lipsticks as a brunette didn't suit me at all as a blonde. It feels so frustrating at times not being able to wear a bright fuchsia without feeling over the top. Every time I put on pink lipstick I feel so weird and not myself. 

When I put red lipstick on for the first time I felt so embarrassed because I thought it looked SO vulgar and off. I wasn't used to it and it took me a while before accepting my new blonde-ness and wearing red lipstick in public. Now I love it, I still find it a bit more 'sexy' than when I was a brunette but if I dress down, it's all good. For instance, I love wearing red lipstick with a pair of jeans, a white tee, a leather jacket and plimsolls. My favorite red lipsticks are : Mac Russian Red, Catrice It's a matt world, Essence long-lasting XXL matt lipgloss and Maybelline 14H  Non-Stop Red.

I'm still not wearing a lot of pink lipstick, so I'm thinking of changing my tone of blonde. Maybe go more 'dark blonde' than 'yellow blonde'. It will also look better with fall outfits. Maybe I'm just not made to be a blonde? Maybe I should go back to brunette? So many questions haha! For now, I really want to keep experimenting with my blonde and have fun. I'm going to make a call to my hair dresser tomorrow to see what she could do to help me transform my blonde into the perfect blonde...for me! 


mardi 26 août 2014

On my nails ⎜Rose exubérant

Hi girls! I'm still at home today trying to recover from my horrible headache which is actually due to a nerve being to between muscle in my neck. Great! I'm under pain killers and trying to rest in bed. I can even stay on the computer for that long or read a book because that means having to focus and then the headache will be kicking in even harder! Oh boy... 

I just wanted to show you my favorite pink nail polish of all time - I apologize for the horrible chubby fingers.  Rose Exubérant has been my favorite fuchsia pink shade for a year. It's one of those basics that you need in your life, you see what I mean! Chanel doesn't have the best quality of nail polishes but their bottles look so adorable on my makeup table I just can't help myself! Haha. 

Have a great day! 


lundi 25 août 2014

New in for fall ♥︎

 I don't know how you feel about fall but I'm slightly obsessing over it these days. The weather has been dreadful for a summer month, I've never been so cold in mid-August so all I have been thinking about is fall shopping. I just received my new pointed booties from  - best way to cheer one up when having a horrible day. I'm obsessed with them, I have been looking for a pair like this for ages now. The faux croco detail is to die for! Faux croco is one of the biggest man repeller on earth  but I have been into that whole animal print trend! I'm not sure they're going to be the most comfy boots but it's ok I'll get over that if it makes a great outfit! 

Next on my fall shopping list, is a gorgeous Zara burgundy bag (here) that I mentioned in a previous wish list. How pretty? I'm craving burgundy and khaki for this fall so this bag is right up my alley!

Have you already been fall shopping? 

Shoes // Nelly (here)


Weekend laziness

Hi girls! I've had a very cosy weekend due to horrible headache that has been kicking in really hard. I have barely slept, it's so painful! I never had such a horrible headache in my life, ever. So today I had to stay home and call the doctor, I'm waiting patiently and hope that he will help me. I seriously can't take it anymore. I need sleep and to be headache free. Who knew headache could be SO painful that it could prevent you from sleeping? Sighs...

This weekend I felt super lazy and didn't do anything really interesting besides cleaning the flat, browsing some online stores for a closet revamp for fall and watching Dexter.  I'm already at season 6, it's so good I can't stop thinking about it. Crazy how addicted you can become to a tv show, right? 

I'm also trying to organize everything I must do as soon a possible in a to do list or else I just keep forgetting about doing it or postponing it. 

That's pretty much it...#wildlife right? Haha. 
I'm back in my bed trying to rest before heading to the doctor. 
Have a lovely monday! 


samedi 16 août 2014

Haul ⎟Yankee Candle

Hello girls! I'm officially a Yankee Candle converted. After my first order about six months ago, my stock was running low so I had to place an other order. Yes, they're a little bit on the pricey side but so worth it in my opinion. A large jar can last for a good 6 months, using it regularly and the scent is not fading away with the hours like other - cheaper -  candles. The scent is not overpowering - at least  those I've tried so far!

The thing I like to do is to get two large jar of my favorite scents - Clean cotton and Soft Blanket : the perfect clean yet sweet scentsthen I picked a lot of wax tarts to try new scents so for my next order I know if I need an other large jar. The wax tarts are really not expensive so it's a good deal to try out new scents. This time I got : fresh cut roses, strawberry buttercream, honey glow, ginger dusk and vanilla cupcakes - I had to add some 'normal scents' like honey glow & ginger dusk to the girly mix for the boyfriend. I think Vanilla Cupcake and Christmas Cookie will be my next large jar purchase right in time for Christmas, the scents are so sweet! 

I order my candles from, the shipping cost is not that crazy for Belgium and pretty fast!

Do you have any favorite Yankee Candle scent? 


vendredi 15 août 2014

New from Bourjois ♥︎

Bourjois Rouge Edition 12h (12,99€)
Cerise on the lipstick / Prune afterwork 
Bourjois Push Up Volume Glamour (12,99€)`

Hi girls! I did it, I blogged! Haha. This is a miracle, I KNOW!
In all of this rain, suddenly there was a ray of light so I quickly grabbed my camera and took the opportunity to finally show you the new releases from Bourjois. I always have loved Bourjois and they just keep getting better and better each season. Some of their new releases include a new Push Up Volume Glamour mascara, which I LOVE. I haven't been obsessed with a mascara like this a while - since UNE Volume By Night and L'Oréal Manga to be precise.  It gives such a lovely volume and no clumps. I love it! 

Next, Bourjois is releasing some new lipsticks. Yasssssssssss.
I'm a lipstick hoarder and if you are too, you'll need these in your life! The texture of the Rouge Edition 12h is very similar to the Mac Satin finish - which is my favorite finish e-ver because it's not as drying as the matte finish and it doesn't have ANY shimmer. It feels super silky and comfortable on the lips. The colors are so vivid and a bit different to what I already have. I got the color 'Cerise on the lipstick' which is a gorgeous cherry-orangey color. Absolutely perfect to transition from summer to fall. It's bright yet wearable. The second one I got is called 'Prune afterwork'. A gorgeous plum shade not too dark or too gothic-y. This will be my fall color for sure!

I'm so obsessed with their new releases. Make sure you'll try these out too, they'll be released on september 1st in your Di & Kruidvat drugstores (for those of you living in Belgium)


Wishlist ⎟Autumn thoughts

autumn thoughts

Zara bag (here) // Zara hat (here) // H&M duster coat
 Yankee Candle Soft Blanket // Zara boots (here)

I can't believe I'm actually craving fall at the moment. It's only mid-august and I call think about is chunky khaki sweater, a new pair of black boots, lighting up candles everywhere, crispy leaves, burgundy accessory and hats. I blame it on the weather!

It has been raining all day and it's a public holiday today in Belgium so I'm just lying all cosy in my bed, watching tv-shows and scrolling through Zara and Asos to spot some ideas for this fall. Is it too early to start fall shopping? I can't even look at sandals and summer skirts. I crave dark colors and warm outfits. I know I'll regret saying this by mid-november as as soon as it gets cold and grey I'm just over it and crave spring all over again.

Also, this fall will be even more exciting for me as I'm now blonde so I'm going to be experimenting more with colors, dark lipsticks etc. And it's also my birthday in a month, I'm super excited as I'll be off work for a week and going to Disneyland Paris! I have so many great things planned for my week off,  I'm counting down the days!

I'll try to blog this afternoon as I have a lot of new things to show you.